Spotify Arrives in Ireland…Finally!!!

About damn time! Spotify’s streaming service, containing a catalogue of over 18 million songs, has finally become available for Irish users as of today. What this will mean for Eircom’s existing Music Hub service only time will tell but I can’t imagine the telecoms giant is too chuffed! There have also been countless rumours in the past number of months about Spotify setting up it’s international headquarters in Dublin (PLEASE GOD I NEED A JOB IT’S NOT LIKE THIS BLOG IS GETTING ME AD REVENUE #onefacebooklike!!!).

Spotify was recently valued in The Wall Street Journal at $3 billion however this valuation comes amidst reports that the company was running into difficulties as can be seen in this post by fellow bloggers Stoney Roads. We can only hope that this expansion is evidence that they have overcome those difficulties and can provide a service which Irish music fans have long been missing out on.


Generic People – You Blow My Mind [Free Download]

Generic People have finally opened up one of their most popular works for free downloadability! Get it quick!!

Rudimental – Not Giving In (Bondax Remix)

Loooong ago I blogged. Quite regularly in fact. Well I think it’s about time to get back into it. So may as well start with a track that I have completely obsessed over in the last week.

The Bondax boys are George Townsend and Adam Kaye from Lancaster. These teens are absolutely relentless in their production and, despite their young age of 18, have recently announced an American tour. The below remix of Not Giving In highlights their incredible talent , taking a relatively high tempo track and pulling it back into a hard hitting but beautiful piece of plinking pianos and tap tap beats. Be sure to check them out!

As an added extra here is the track that got Bondax there first bit of attention.

The Kooks – Naive (Jean Tonique Remix)

Jean Tonique has just posted a remix of The Kooks Naive on his soundcloud and it’s supported by the ever fantastic Shiny Disco Club. Not the usual French House filter we’re used to from him but a cracker nonetheless. Be sure to pick up the free download while you can.

The Kooks – Naive (Jean Tonique Remix)

P.S. It’s the mans birthday today apparently. Show him some love on his Facebook page.

Stevie Wonder – I Wish (Kolombo Rework)

Olivier Grégoire aka Kolombo is another (going to stop saying this from now on) brilliant Belgian producer with a talent for taking less used and abused tracks and giving them a funky downtempo spin. His work on Stevie Wonders I Wish is a serious getting ready to go out tune. A perfect blend of Mr. Wonders vocals and that amazing funk bass synth. A track to simply get down to.

Stevie Wonder – I Wish (Kolombo Rework)

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

Gigamesh has made an amazingly fun remix of GroupLove‘s Tongue Tied scrubbing it thoroughly with his classic funky disco-pop style. And it’s free frEE FREEEE!!!

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

Zee Avi – Concrete Wall (RAC Mix)

Check out this chilled mix by RAC for Zee Avi‘s Concrete Wall. The original always felt a bit sparse to me so this is an out and out improvement as far as I’m concerned. Also well done getting an official release on this. Thoroughly deserved.

Zee Avi – Concrete Wall (RAC Mix)

Allen Walker “Solanin” EP Teaser

Allen Walker is set to release his first EP. The details are yet to be announced but by this teaser I know I’ll love whatever the Batman House stars final release sounds like. Apparently all the bass guitar work was done by the man himself. Well impressed. Also check out his recent re-rework of Digital Love.

Allen Walker “Solanin” EP Teaser

Bonus: Daft Punk – Digital Love (Allen Walker & Le Pimp Re-Write)

Acid Washed “For Your Eyes Only / Prince Acid” EP

Acid Washed first taste of what is to come from them over the next year is a  wide eyed, dark, deep house and melodic EP. Prince Acid in particular is reminiscent of Dangers remix of their self titled track from the first album. There second album will be released later this year and here’s to hoping they continue this run of dusky dark vibes.

Acid Washed “For Your Eyes Only/Prince Acid” EP

Pick it up on the Acid Washed bandcamp.

Acid Washed ‘For Your Eyes Only / Prince Acid’ EP teaser

Set for release on the 6th of January. Can’t wait to hear the full thing.